Learn About the Best Camping RV Parks in Pendleton, Oregon

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One of the best ways to really immerse yourself in the outdoors is via RV camping. The Oregon Coast is among the most breathtakingly gorgeous regions in the nation. Along its more than 350 miles of shoreline, this coast provides RV campers breathtaking ocean vistas, tranquil forest retreats, and a wealth of other activities.

Due to the extensive coastline, there are more campgrounds, lodging options, and RV parks in Pendleton Oregon, than you can possibly visit in your lifetime. What is the greatest RV camping location then? You need to go through the entire guide. 

Fort Stevens State Park

Fort Stevens is a favorite among those who prefer RV camping along the Oregon Coast. An American Army fort that was decommissioned after World War II originally stood on the 4,300-acre park that is open all year. Visitors can tour the remaining fort remains while also observing the historic shipwreck in the park. The area is ideal for hiking, fishing, boating, and visiting the beaches because it has almost 500 RV sites. A boat ramp, restrooms with showers, a dump station, and other facilities are available to visitors.

Harris Beach State Park

One of the best Pendleton, Oregon RV parks along the southern Oregon coast may be found at Harris Beach State Park, especially for those who enjoy the outdoors. This year-round campground has 90 sites, the majority of which provide full connections, and is only a few miles from the California state line. Common elements like restrooms, drinking water, hot showers, and a trash station are considered amenities. Sea lions, seals, and gray whales can be seen. Even the area offers hiking paths and an ample beachfront for leisure.

Pacific City RV and Camping Resort

For campers who don’t mind a short stroll to the beach and are seeking amenities close to their campsite, Pacific City RV & Camping Resort is a great choice. Swim in the indoor & outdoor pools, play a round of mini-golf or let the kids run about on the playground while visiting this all-year-round resort. Observing wildlife, including whales, is also very good here. You could also unwind in the park while admiring the magnificent ocean views. The more than 300 campsites are furnished with full hookups, fire pits, WiFi, and customary amenities like laundromats and shower rooms.

Oceanside RV Park

Oceanside RV Park, which is situated on a small plot of ground next to both the Pacific Ocean and the Rogue River, lives true to its name. Along with coastal recreation, mountain biking, hiking, and fishing are other popular activities in the region. For people who may prefer a change of scenery from the RV, yurts are also the wonderful camping RV parks in Pendleton, Oregon. Numerous dining establishments are available in the neighborhood of Gold Beach, some of which are strollable to the park.

Sunset Bay State Park

Perhaps Sunset Bay comes to mind when you think of Oregon beaches. When the sun sets each evening, this beach paradise that is tucked away between towering cliffs and dense woodlands truly lives up to its name. It is a terrific starting place for many outdoor activities available in the Coos Bay region. Even though you might just want to laze around on the beach and take in the ocean. Additionally, golfers can play at the public course right next door. The 65 total sites at the year-round park offer either just electric and water or full hookups in around half of the cases. 

There you have it! These are some finest camping RV parks in Pendleton, Oregon. You can select any of these options or all as per your need and convenience.