Is Buying Starbucks Gift Cards Worthwhile?


So, it is time to give your employees their bonus checks for a good performance this year, or maybe it is Christmastime, and you are thinking about branching out to newer ideas. Did someone suggest buying Starbucks gift cards? It’s time to discuss whether it is a feasible idea. 

They are Already Stopping for It

Every office has a few employees who walk in late with their Starbucks to-go cups in their hands. No matter how often you remind them to be on time, there is simply no getting through. Since they will be buying coffee on their way, you might as well help them out. 

Of course, this could backfire hilariously, so work in a deal with them. Say you will offer gift cards in exchange for them to be on time. 

Show Them You Care

Considering that they like their lattes, frappes, or americanos is more than just buying them a cup of coffee. With a Starbucks gift card, you show them that they matter to you and that you want to make their lives easier. You grant them their flexibility and personal choice by allowing them the option to choose. 

Their Mental Health Matters

Anyone in the workforce will agree that coffee is more than just coffee. It is a refresher, a break, time to catch up with work besties, and most importantly, a motivator. So encouraging them to get their preferred cup-a-joe in the morning might benefit you if they come in all pumped up for the day. 

And anyway, you have all seen the hoax of how making your coffee is a stepping stone to becoming a millionaire. Of course, you all know that is not true. But if you were to cover their coffee expenses for a while, they might ease up financially. They might show up in a healthier mental state, ready to take on the challenges of the day. 

Switch It Up

Did you know that buying gift cards from secondary platforms allows you to switch them up every once in a while? How about buying Starbucks gift cards before the spring holidays and gift cards for a clothing store for Christmas? These platforms are usually tied up with multiple brands. You can select a new one each time it is time to reward your employees for a job well done. 

Automate Distribution 

It is another hassle altogether to distribute gifts. Of course, it can be a fun part of office parties, but as the organiser, you might wish for an easier way. Buying Starbucks gift cards from bulk gift card platforms means all you have to do is enter email IDs. Then, they take care of distribution for you.

Are the Alternatives Worth It?

What are your other alternatives? Are you buying generic gifts like pens, folders, or kitchenware? That is so outdated. Employees do not appreciate that lack of personalisation. Gifts like that feel like an obligation. A meaningful gift should feel personal. Employees should feel like their unique needs are considered, and their boss cares about what they like. 

If you have coffee-fanatics on your team, you might consider a coffee machine. But coffee machines are expensive, and there is no way they can customise orders the way Starbucks can. 

Besides, buying coffee on your way to work is part of a morning ritual that cannot be replaced. However, getting a coffee at work is not the same. By getting Starbucks gift cards, you can personalise gifts without really personalising them. It is a shortcut, but one that they will surely appreciate. After all, the best bonds are made over coffee.