Huawei matebook d 15 specification and uniqueness


The Huawei MateBook D15 is as yet a cutthroat journal in its group, even a year after its send off. It isn’t based on the most recent equipment stages and comes up short on highlights, for example, an illuminated console or USB-C port, yet it looks at different elements that standard purchasers think about a reduced and reasonable. Anticipate a PC day in and day out: it’s tight. Fabricated and lightweight, it gets an IPS matte screen and nice speaker, performs well, runs cool and calm, and endures quite a while on charge. Overall considered the huawei matebook d 15 is best and top in demand.

The MateBook D is Huawei’s line of reasonable workstations, and in this article, we’ve accumulated criticism on marginally more seasoned models, yet one that is as yet well known in certain areas, the MateBook D 15 MRC-W10.

Battery power inside

Huawei needed to compromise to meet the low sticker cost, and thus, the MateBook D has just a 42 Wh battery inside, no USB-C port or card peruser, the screen is just reasonably splendid or Is beautiful – Accurate, and the console needs backdrop illumination. Beside the absence of key lighting, there’s actually no big issue in this sub-$ 600 specialty, where the MateBook is so serious notwithstanding its benefits.

Subtleties as per the survey – Huawei MateBook D15

Our audit unit is a passage level variant accessible here in Europe, while in different locales the Matebook D15 is additionally accessible with a Core i7 processor and Nvidia MX150 GPU (10De 1D10 25 W form).

Plan and first look

Aluminum is utilized for the whole external shell and inside of this PC, so all that you truly contact is made of smooth delicate aluminum. It doesn’t feel as solid as a portion of the more superior workstations out there, as there’s still some flex in the top cover, however the MateBook D actually has more than 15-inch scratch pad in its cost range. I’m better and more grounded. I will be cautious while conveying it on my pack, as the screen is a piece powerless and squeezing the cover comes down on the actual board, so it is ideal to keep it inside some sort of defensive sleeve. Will likewise stop Scrape

The MateBook is likewise an excellent looking PC with a silver and dark shading subject. Some of you dislike the round case, which I concur with makes the feel fairly less expensive, and Huawei’s forceful marking on the top is most likely all in all too much, yet in any case, the plan is straightforward. Furthermore, clear.

Console and trackpad

This MateBook D is likewise an incredible typewriter. The keys are made of hard plastic and are a little lightweight, however the format is great, with the keys that are enormous and all around dispersed. NumPad has no segment, however you get an additional a column of capacity keys on the right, which invests in some opportunity to become acclimated to, yet when you do, it will be helpful.