How to Write a Good Resume?

Good Resume

For job seekers, a resume is of pivotal importance. It communicates the qualifications to the recruiter, along with details that set a candidate apart from the rest of the applicants for a job role. There are different ways to learn how to create a resume, especially by taking up an interview preparation course

There is a stark difference between an average resume and an excellent resume as only the excellent ones make the cut. A good resume will always stand out and can increase your chances of getting the dream job. To know more, read the article. 

Top 3 Points to Consider While Writing a Good Resume

Nowadays, learning how to write a resume has become quite easy with various online learning platforms covering this aspect in their interview preparation course. It can help increase your chances of your resume making it through filtering and scrutiny. 

If you are wondering how to craft an excellent resume, here are some tips to remember while preparing one. 

1. Make It ATS Compliant and Easy to Read

Recruiters use Application Tracking Software (ATS) to screen the best applicant without taking much time. To make sure that your resume gets selected during ATS screening, it is crucial to add the relevant keywords and skills related to the job into the resume. 

While adding the details, make sure that the language used is simple and easy to understand. This will help your resume skim through the thousands of resumes and help you reach the next round. 

2. Add Numbers and Action Verbs

Using numbers with your job roles and responsibilities can help quantify the impact and output you created in your past job. It can also help provide an overview to the interviewer about the kind of results you can deliver if you are hired for the job role. 

Also, highlighting the key milestones or achievements in your career by using actionable words can make you sound more confident. 

For example, if you were a manager in your past roles, you can use actionable verbs like -led the team of 10 people to increase the company growth by 5x in a year. Your resume will stand out in this manner. 

3. Showcase Your Skills

Skills are of 2 types: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills refer to the quantifiable skills that you have learned while in college and your past experiences if any. While the latter refers to personal attributes like teamwork, communication, and multitasking that can help you gel along well with your teammates if selected. 

This can help give an impression to the recruiters that you have relevant experience for the position offered and also have the personal traits that are crucial. Remember that skills can be taught but not attitude. So, also focus on soft skills. 

However, to make a good impression on the recruiter, do not lie about the skills mentioned in your resume. 


Whether you are creating a resume by yourself or after acquiring knowledge from an online learning platform, knowing some tips and tricks for creating a resume can help increase your chances of landing an interview. A resume can give a first impression of the candidate to the recruiter, so this is your chance to communicate as much as possible in a matter of seconds and convince the recruiter to take your resume to the next step.