How Do Lubes Makes Sex Incredibly Pleasurable?


While you’re all set to get intimate with your partner, you notice that there isn’t enough lubrication despite enough stimulation and foreplay. Do not worry as this is a most widely-faced problem. As such, the ideal solution is, therefore, external lubrication! 

Companies offering intimate products such as Wildsecrets promote safe sex and introduce products like lubes to make it pleasurable too! So, when your body does not produce enough lubrication, you can undoubtfully rely on lubes. Hence, this post highlights how you can use lubes to elevate your sex life. Read on! 

Why Is Lubrication So Important?

Imagine this: You’re excited to spice up things between you and your partner finally. Now, there is a lot of friction when getting into the moment. Either your partner needs to be stimulated enough, or you need an alternative such as lube. Meanwhile, friction during sex can make it painful and suck the pleasure out for you and your partner. 

Lubrication is essential for comfort as well as safety. And comfort translates to the ease and pleasure readily derived during sex. While safety refers to your health, that is, the safety of the skin of your genitals which may get affected due to increased friction. 

It may happen that your body may not produce lubrication naturally. In such a case, you can rely on external lubricants! And these lubricants or popularly known as lube can be used for anyone of any age and gender. 

Meanwhile, for anal sex, lubes can be ideal as the anus does not provide adequate lubrication. As such, lube can relax the muscles and make sex pain-free. 

How to Use Lubes? 

You can use lubes right from foreplay to intercourse. There is no right way for the application. So, you can use the lube by putting a dollop on one surface – penis, finger, dildo, etc., and another dollop on the other surface – anus, vagina, etc. So, this creates enough lubrication for both you and your partner. However, do remember that not all lubrications are the same. 

You may think lubes are meant to reduce friction, so how do they differ? Lubes used during foreplay may vary from the lubes used during vaginal and anal sex. The different types of lubes depend on the components used and the purpose it is used for. For example, water-based lubes would be used for vaginal sex using condoms so that the condom doesn’t slip off.

Also, remember that there is no “too much lube!” That’s the thumb rule of lubrication, and you need not worry about sheets or your body getting too sticky. Generally, the more the lube, the easier the sex, and the more pleasurable it gets. Meanwhile, the best part about using lubes is you can use them while masturbating too! 

Choosing a Suitable Lubricant

Different lubrications play a different role in sex or masturbation. Certain brands, such as Wildsecrets, offer a wide collection of lubes. So, take a look at the different types of lubes and choose a suitable lubricant accordingly:

  • Water-based: These lubes are ideal to use with latex condoms. Plus, they are easy to find and low in cost.
  • Silicon-based: Recommended for women with chronic pain as they do not dry up. 
  • Oil-based: Caution! These cannot be used with latex condoms as they may destroy the material. They are ideal for genital massage and safe if consumed. 

Lubrications are safe to use and do not have any adverse effects on the body. Besides, it is essential to consult an expert, for example, a sex therapist, to use the most suitable lube. So, ready to spice up your sex life? Try the different kinds of lubrication and make sex incredibly pleasurable!