December 7, 2021

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How Can You Ensure Customer Privacy Using Chatbot Service?

Customer Privacy Using Chatbot Service

Chatbots are being rapidly developed and used by several businesses. Multiple industries, including education, healthcare, financial, or IT, are using chatbots all across the globe. Chatbots are capable of automating several regular or repetitive business tasks or processes. Nowadays, chatbots developed by renowned voice bot platforms are considered an excellent means of customer service.

Types of Security Risks That Chatbots Pose Through Voice Bot Platforms

The presence of chatbots on pretty much every platform has led to an abrupt increase in security risks as well. Every organization using chatbots is now mainly concerned with the wide-ranging security risks posed by these. There are mainly two concerns when organizations think and plan about chatbot security:

  • Threats

Threats are mainly isolated events; some examples are DDoS attacks or malware attacks. Global cyberattacks usually target a specific business group. They have the potential to lock the system and lose its access permanently. These attackers sometimes also threaten to expose all confidential and critical information of the system.

  • Vulnerability

If you cannot use state-of-the-art technology for system protection, then it may become more vulnerable. Poor coding and weak protection standard implementation can also make the system vulnerable. Voice bots in India are considered a value-addition for most organizations as one of the best new-age digital interactive tools out there.

The main security risk that chatbots pose is a lack of data protection and giving out sensitive information access to the wrong person. Cyber attackers mostly intercept critical information. As enterprises decide to invest in chatbots, it becomes necessary to check for threats and vulnerabilities.

Actionable Tips to Achieve Customer Privacy

  • User Authentication

Authentication of the users is one of the most popular and common methods used by industries to implement chatbot security. All authorized users of the chatbot are provided login credentials like username or passwords. They are supplied with authorized tokens to verify the user identity and grant permission to them.

  • Limited Authentication

The voice bot platform provides authenticated users with time-based restrictions and usage, resulting in high security. The access tokens are usually valid only for some specific time or period. As soon as the time elapses, the token access is quickly revoked. In some cases, the users may also be asked whether they want to remain active or terminate the current session.

  • Biometric Authentication

The users can also be validated by their biometric authentication by taking their biological inputs. Users are authenticated by using standard and unique biometric devices, such as a retina scan or a fingerprint scan. However, in personal devices, the security is usually enhanced in this way only.

  • Information Storage Time-Limit 

The chatbots used for digital transactions take the users’ personal information like card details or account information. However, while implementing the voice bots in India, a time limit is implemented in chatbots. This makes sure that for how long the collected information will be stored in the bot. Usually, this information is either removed or destroyed to avoid any data leakage. The chatbots automatically clear the sensitive information of the users after a certain period.

  • Implementation of Certain Rules and Regulations

When you have to protect consumer data or information, following the company standards is of prime importance. When any organization implements any voice bot in India, there may already be some internal data security rules in place. The same rules can be applied to the chatbot data collection process. Like healthcare, industries may also follow standard HIPAA compliance to implement security standards in their chatbots.

Final Words

The chatbots can be considered as any other web application that is developed by the voice bot platform. Following the above-discussed measures, chatbot security may be implemented and customer data secured. Chatbots have unmatched potential to secure user information these days.

The bots developed by the renowned voice bot platforms come with several features to protect sensitive data so that the customers feel safe and their confidential information can be secured apart from several other features.  The AI-powered chatbots can securely converse with your user in every way.