House Republican promotes clip showing him ‘killing’ a Democrat


Paul Gosar has such a history of extremism, conspiracy promotion and crackpottism that even his own family asked that he not be returned to Congress. And yet here we are.

In the news today: No matter how grotesque the behavior of House Republicans has gotten—or how dangerous—they continue to have the apparent full support of their party leaders. Ever-odious Rep. Paul Gosar was nearly giddy in promoting a new animated clip depicting him attacking and killing a fellow member of Congress; that sort of thing would get you fired and quite possibly arrested in any other workplace in America. Republican leadership is also ignoring attacks by House Republicans on House Republicans who voted for the so-called “bipartisan” infrastructure bill—attacks with rhetoric that’s already led to death threats against their targets. A highly sought Republican candidate, in the meantime, was remarkably blunt in turning down his party’s calls to trade in his day job for a post in the current do-nothing hellscape that is the U.S. Senate.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

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