House Inspection Bc – Prepare Your Property for Sell

house inspections in BC

You have a potential buyer who wants to have a home inspector look over your house first. Do you know what actions you should take to ensure a seamless process? This article will review some of our best recommendations for sellers prior to house inspections in BC.

Consider Curb Appeal

Making a good first impression on a buyer is crucial. However, a particular form of curb appeal can simplify the inspection process for your house.

  • To ensure there is around a foot of space between any vegetation and the home, trim it back.
  • Visually examine the siding and trim; if you spot any damage, have it fixed immediately.
  • Trim and repair any exposed nail heads, and replace any missing caulking.
  • Verify that all outside doors, locks, and deadbolts are working correctly. Have any gaps that you notice properly filled?

Check the Roof and Gutters

Buyers place a high value on your home’s roof and gutters, so be sure they are in good condition. Make certain to:

  • Utilize a blower or pressure washer to remove any debris from the roof.
  • Correctly replace any missing parts and fix any damage.
  • Mastic or caulk are temporary remedies that will be reported as defects.
  • Gutter cleaning is done completely.
  • Check if the downspouts and other drains are clear and flowing correctly. Additionally, check to see if the runoff isn’t gathering around the house.

Prepare Your Interior

After taking care of the outside, quickly go through the interior and make any required repairs or replacements to have it ready to get the services of a home inspections company. This comprises:

  • Checking the locks on all internal doors
  • Checking under sinks for leaks
  • Making sure the water heater is operating properly
  • Altering the HVAC system’s filter
  • Checking all seals, trim, and caulking
  • Checking the functionality of smoke detectors
  • Checking all devices, lights, and fans
  • Visually checking the drywall for nail pops and fractures.

Tidy Up As Much As Possible

To ensure that the inspector will have access to all of the systems, they must examine and check your home’s exterior and the roof, garage, etc.

Make sure you take extra care to clean the clutter from locations where the inspector will need to look closely, such as utility closets, HVAC units, furnaces, and other significant home systems.

While doing this, you can inspect your property for any indications that something might be wrong and make any required small repairs.

Be Early

If the house inspector says they’ll arrive at 9:00 am, they’ll come at 9:00 am, so be prepared, clothed, and freshly bathed when they arrive. You don’t want to hold them up because you weren’t ready for their arrival. After all, they are pros and will arrive on time.

Make All Areas Accessible

You will need to give the experts of local home inspection services the garage door openers, keys, or door codes for these buildings because they will often inspect all of the structures on your property, including garages and other outbuildings like “granny flats” or other detached apartments.

To provide the inspector access so that they may inspect any sprinkler systems or other systems, including electrical panel boxes or other utility boxes, you should also leave keys and instructions for unlocking them.

Provide Any Important Documents

It’s an excellent idea to provide inspectors with all the documents about remodelling projects in significant repairs and upgrades.

The buyer will feel more at ease knowing when each main component of the house was last examined, fixed, or changed thanks to this paperwork, which will also help the inspector write their report.

Wrapping Up

These suggestions will ensure that the home inspection services procedure goes off without a hitch. You will increase the appraisal of your house, and more buyers will show their interest in buying your property.