Guide To Properly Shave Your Head Using Best Head Shaver


There comes a certain point in every man’s life when he wonders how he would look after he shaves his head with the Best Head Shaver. Some guys do put it off so well, and yes you can also do it. There is a strong incentive to explore the idea, once you throw in the idea of a little male pattern baldness. 

You can shave your head using an Electric Razor for Head, if you are thinking about going bald and it’s never much of a process. On the first try, the process might be a bit slower and needs to be coordinated carefully, but with time, you will get used to it and shaving will not be a real hassle. 

How to shave your head using the Best Head Shaver?

Most of the work can be accomplished with the Best Head Shaver. This shaver can be used to cover your entire head. There is no need for any special gels or creams or fancy extensions. It’s just you, the head shaver, and a mirror. In due course, you need to make use of an Electric Razor for Head which is a bit complicated. But once you go through this article, you will have a better idea of effective shaving.

(1) Grab the trimmer and bring the hair down: Go over your head and remove all those succulent looks. There is no need for special treatment, a basic buzz cut is more than enough. Also, you can do another pass without any guard length, once you are done with trimming things down. The workload placed on the razor is highly minimized once you make use of a trimmer. 

(2) Soften the hairs and open the pores: Once you are done trimming, the next step is to prepare your scalp for a shave. For this, you need to soften your hair and open up the pores. The hairs can be softened with the help of hot water. You have two options in your hand, either you can use a compressor or take a warm shower. 

(3) Add shaving cream: Always make use of shaving cream and use it liberally. It will be much better if you can experience a well-lubricated shaving experience. Your scalp is going to toughen up after you shave with the Best Head Shaver. A transformation will be caused by exposure to sunlight and other elements, and there is no need to baby it much in the future. 

(4) Get hold of a sharp Electric Razor for Head: Now, it’s time to emphasize on the razor. You would definitely require a sharp blade. It’s easier if you are using a single blade face razor. And if it’s a disposable one, you need to get a new blade on there all the same. 

Often, it might happen that you might require more than one blade to do this job, which mainly depends on the coarseness and density of your hair. Never feel shy about grabbing a fresh blade in the middle of a shave. You would never want a scalp which is full of ingrown hairs. That might be an idiosyncratic experience, but not at all a good one.

(5) Always shave with the grain: There is always a right way to make use of an Electric Razor for Head. You need to cover your whole head by shaving with the grain. You should always take into consideration the fact that the grain of your hair goes in different directions at different points on your head. Always pay attention to that. You may get a razor burn if you decide to go against the grain and also you can easily get intense ingrown hairs. And you would never want that on your head.

(6) After every stroke, rinse the blades: As mentioned earlier, you need to keep the blades sharp. If you are a little smart while you shave with the Best Head Shaver, you don’t have to go through a dozen blades on your head. If you are in a hurry, rinsing the blade might feel like a time sink, but you should always reserve time for your first shave. You need to do this thing in the most appropriate manner. 

(7) Reapply the shaving cream: If you are replacing the razor blades of an Electric Razor for Head in the middle of the shave, you should also be prepared to reapply the shaving cream. Investing effort to keep the shave gentle and pleasant is always a good idea, 

(8) Rinse, Dry, Moisturize: Once you are done with shaving using the Best Head Shaver, it’s time to take care of your scalp. Start by rinsing your head. Have a shower, rinse your head and clean it with soap. If you have any nicks or cuts, this is a great way of preventing infections. 

Key Takeaway:

So, these were the step-by-step procedures on how to shave your head using an Electric Razor for Head. Strictly adhere to them while shaving your head and sport a gorgeous bald look.