October 26, 2021

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Google Accused Of Abusing Market Dominance In India, Finds Antitrust Probe

The Competition Commission of India (CCI), India’s antitrust watchdog, has been submitted a report of an investigation that has reportedly found search giant Google guilty of resorting to anti-competitive, unfair and restrictive trade practices in the mobile operating system and related markets.

The investigation, which has been reviewed by those over at Times of India, claims that the probe found Google India guilty of stifling competition and innovation that affects the market as well as consumers through dominating the internet search, music (YouTube), browser (chrome), app library (Play Store) and other key services.

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Accused of imposing and forcing one-sided contracts, on devices as well as app-makers, the CCI probe has charged Google India guilty of a variety of charges. These include abuse of dominance, denial of market access to search apps competitors and leveraging its dominant position in Play Store policies. Google has also been accused of limiting and restricting technical or scientific development relating to goods or services to the prejudice of consumers.

The investigation report has been placed with CCI, and if found guilty, Google India will face severe penalties and be asked to discontinue anti-competitive practices.

Google has also been previously fined £3.8 Bn by the EU over Android antitrust violations. It is noteworthy that Google is, simultaneously facing antitrust probes in many countries including the US, the European Union (EU), Japan, Germany.

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