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Saint-Runwei-machum may be missed for a month

The new Orleans, New Orleans, and the official report of nfl jerseys, the team running Mark Ingram may be missed for a month. The injury comes from Sunday 24-26, in the competition of Cliftland Brown, the fourth-year runner in Engram hurt his hand.

This is undoubtedly a major loss for the Saint Offense Group. In the two weeks before the team, Englem plays an important role in the attack. In the game with Brown, Engram took the ball in 11 times, ran out of 83 yards; when the Atlantian Falc, the ball harvested 60 yards. Currently, Englem is in the backport combination of the team, which is maintained in terms of rushing and number of codes. When Brown, the rushing number is 6.0 yards, and the second place in all running windings.

As the first round show in 2011, Engaged in the first three years of performance, but this year, I got more opportunities under the pass system of Sean Peyton and showed excellent. In the game with Brown, Drew Bris (Drew Brees) has been largely stressed, and the team is with the rush of Engram to force the opponent’s defensive confusion, helping the saints have always made the game. The whole summer, Englemb continues where to buy cheap jerseys show your strength and speed, and look forward to it in autumn, ushered in the outbreak. Unfortunately, the plan can only be temporarily stranded.