Getting Ready For Australian Winter: Linens FTW


The Australian winter is just setting in, and dressing warmly should be your top priority. With the marks of the pandemic visible everywhere, skimping on warm clothes and weakening your immune system is the worst idea. On the off chance that you don’t have thick knits, cashmere, or other winter wear, fear not, you can still dress warmly. 

If you were mourning for the cute linen shirts and summer dresses, here’s your chance to bring them out. This may come across as a surprise, but linen clothing in Australia for the winter is definitely a hit. 

How Is Linen Appropriate for Winter?

Linen makes for the best summer clothes because it is breathable, light, and wicks moisture off your skin. The cooling properties of linen mean that you can stay under the hot sun and still not have sweat patches on your clothes. Along with these properties, linen also has temperature-regulating powers. 

In winter, the natural fabric helps the body retain heat. Unlike most synthetic winter wear, linen does not make you feel stuffy and sweaty. The fabric’s breathability ensures that you remain dry, cosy, and comfortable. Perhaps you would have to get creative to use your summer linens in winter, but with the right ideas, you can use the same linens all year long. Great investment, isn’t it? 

Ways to Use Linen in Winter 

If you think linen cannot help you make it through the cold weather, here are tried and tested ways the natural material can help you stay comfortable. 

#1 Layer Up 

No matter how tempted you may be, you cannot turn up to your corporate job in Sydney with fuzzy pyjamas. When you need to maintain the formal image but still warm up during your commute, your best bet is to layer up. 

Bring out the tights and leggings and wear them under the classic pair of linen trousers you own. Depending on the weather, you can wear thermals under that suit and show up to work feeling toasty warm. 

#2 Invest in Add-Ons 

If the temperature has not dropped that low and you only find it chilly, breaking out the thermals might be excessive. This is when you can pull on the thick socks, soft scarves, and comfortable beanies. With these add-ons, you can gear up to face the chill when you step out and take them off whenever you need to. These winter accessories will ensure that you stay at just the right temperature wherever you are. 

#3 Linen in Bed

If you thought using linen in winter was restricted to creating uber-cool outfits, you thought wrong. Linen has antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, making it just what you need to stay protected during the allergy season in south-eastern Australia.  

Investing in linen bedding is much like the linen in your wardrobe — useful all year long. The comfy linen duvet and sheets can keep you cosy during the winter and keep the sheets fresh during the humid summer. Linen’s breathability and moisture-wicking properties guarantee that your sweat and oil are not left for microbes to grow in. 

  Linen is a fantastic fabric to have at hand during any season. Linen clothing in Australia has been ever present, but using linens effectively for the winter might be relatively new. Do not worry about wearing drab and bulky winter clothes this time. Instead, bring the joy of spring and summer to your outfits by playing around with your linens while staying pleasantly snug.