Get The Best Wedding Shoes To Walk Down The Aisle


While the wedding dress is the most vital detail, you need to get the right accessories and style your dress perfectly. Undoubtedly the wedding shoes are a critical aspect of your wedding look. This is because you need to be comfortable enough to walk down the aisle. 

In Australia, the average cost of a wedding is estimated to be $36,000! Now, a good chunk of this definitely goes into buying the perfect wedding dress. 

Did you know that you must try to spend no more than 15% of the cost of your dress on bridal shoes? That way, you will be able to stick to your budget. Moreover, with the post-pandemic trends of staying away from high heels and uncomfortable shoes, it has become easier to stay within your budget for bridal shoes. 

However, are you confused about the shoes to pick up? This article includes some valuable tips and tricks to help you choose your footwear to walk down the aisle. 

Top 5 tips for choosing your bridal footwear 

Bridal footwear is an essential element of your wedding attire. It will tie up your entire look and make it easier for you to glide across the aisle on your special day. Here are some tips for choosing the best footwear for your big day: 

  • Ensure your dress is ready 

It is important to ensure your dress is ready before you embark on your journey to choosing the shoes. That way, you will be able to blend the shoes with your dress. You will also be able to decide the length of the heel that will enhance your dress. 

Moreover, the dress will help you decide whether to get strappy shoes, stilettoes, low-slung beaded heels, or ballerinas.

  • Prioritise your comfort 

While style is very important, you must prioritise comfort. While choosing, ensure you pick a shoe that is comfortable enough to stay on your feet the entire day. You must also try to break into some moves so you know you can dance in them. 

Once you pick the shoes of your dreams, ensure you break them in. This way, you won’t need band-aids and other tricks to avoid injury. Also, make sure you can move your toes in your shoes comfortably. 

  • Ensure your footwear matches your budget 

You don’t want to empty your coffers on your shoes. As mentioned above, don’t spend more than 15% of the cost of your wedding dress on wedding footwear. Budget it appropriately so that your footwear can be of good quality and reasonably priced.

Moreover, having a budget will help you narrow your options and enable you to select your shoe quickly. 

  • Consider your venue 

When picking the footwear for your big day, ensure you think of your venue. For instance, if you have your wedding in the garden with grass around, avoiding high heels might be a good idea. 

Suppose you are having your wedding on the beach; it might be fruitful to have cutesy and elegant flip-flops.

Consider whether the venue has stone pathways, gravel roads, and other aspects while choosing your footwear.

  • Ensure you try on the shoes 

While choosing your wedding footwear, ensure you try them on properly. The fit should be perfect and allow for leeway of movement. If you have any swelling issues, make sure to account for that. 

Also, walking around in the footwear at the store for several minutes before you finalize it is best. 

Additionally, you should take your footwear on every dress fitting to ensure the length works out. 


It is of utmost importance that you choose comfortable and stylish footwear to walk down the aisle. While buying wedding shoes, ensure you have your dress ready, set a budget, look for comfort over style, consider the venue, and think of the weather. Another helpful tip is to take them to your dress fittings to ensure perfection. 

You can choose different types of bridal footwear depending on your comfort, venue, budget, and style. There are strap-on heels, wedge heel shoes, cutesy rubber boots, tapping ballerinas, and many more. Ensure you choose shoes that blend with your bridal attire and feel comfortable. 

The tips and tricks in this article will enable you to choose the best shoes to walk down the aisle.