December 2, 2021

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Forget Kulhad Chai, Kulhad Pizza Is The New Food Trend And It Has Got Twitter Talking


So, we have a new food trend and it is equally controversial! After finding out there is something called dry fruit dosa, the internet has woken up to the sight of a kulhad pizza. You heard that right; not kulhad chai but pizza. In a kulhad! Although it isn’t entirely brow-raising, because let’s admit it, we love desifying food. Obviously just desi Chinese street-style wasn’t enough, this time around it’s Italian. And as expected, it has shocked purists on the internet who have all probably let out a “mamma mia!”

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What? Because stringy, cheesy, corny stuffing inside mini earthen clay pots. Where? At a local eatery in Gujarat’s Surat. Why (would one ever want to ditch bread)? Who the hell knows! If you think I’m exaggerating. See it for yourself.

In fact, the reach of the creation has expanded its reach to places like Ahmedabad and even Delhi. Needless to say, Twitter has a lot of opinions about the new viral food trend. From the absurdity of it all to blaming Ahmedabad (and its infamous booze ban), it’s really an assortment!

As a bread connoisseur myself, I won’t lie, this did hurt. So, would you like to have your pizza the new way or are you normal?

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