October 24, 2021

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First Humans To Enter Yemen’s ‘Well of Hell’ Find Snakes But No Genies

A team of Omani cave explorers has become the first humans to descend into the infamous Well of Barhout in the Al-Mahara province of Yemen.

The vast sinkhole beneath the desert is a natural wonder and leads to a cave system deep underground. Around 30 meters wide the surface, the hole is 112 meters deep.

Shunned and nicknamed the “Well of Hell” by the locals due to the foul odor emanating from its depths, for centuries, well was believed to have harbored genies.

Unfortunately, the first cavers who descended into the sinkhole only found snakes and various dead animals in its depths and found no genies. They also found cave pearls, formed by dripping water and stalagmites.

Eight experienced cave explorers from the German University of Technology in Oman descended into the sinkhole. Their descent was recorded and later published by AFP news. Footage provided to AFP showed cave formations and grey and lime-green cave pearls, formed by dripping water.

According to an AFP report, the cavers collected samples of water, soil, rocks, and some dead animals found in the sinkhole. The samples will be analyzed later, and the results will be made public in a short while.

Interestingly, the cavers found there was no overwhelming bad smell during their exploration. The cave, estimated to be millions of years old by Yemeni officials, has long been known for emitting bad odors from its depths.

Earlier this year, officials from Al-Mahara’s geological survey and mineral resources authority told AFP that they had visited the area and descended halfway through into the well. The officials noticed and smelled some “strange” things and described it as a mysterious situation.

Cover Photo: AFP News

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