October 23, 2021

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FedEx delivery driver’s TikTok rant causes him to lose his job

Anti-maskers aren’t the only ones who are losing their jobs over their violent acts and racist comments. FedEx announced that a driver is no longer working for the company after a TikTok video posted by the driver in question went viral. In the video, the driver, identified as Vincent Paterno, claimed he wouldn’t deliver packages to homes with signs supporting Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or Black Lives Matter.

The video posted on Sept. 16 features Paterno in his FedEx uniform. He noted that he would not only skip deliveries at homes that support Biden, Harris, and BLM but he would also ignore homes that “don’t have a flag in front,” allegedly referencing the American flag. The packages he chose not to deliver he would bring “back to the station,” he said.

“What’s up TikTok,” Paterno said in the video. “Just wanted to come on here and let all you know,  [I]f you have a Joe Biden, Kamala f—ing camel toe (flag) posted up—Black Lives Matter—I will not deliver your s—. I will not deliver your s—. I will bring that back to the station. And I’ll keep doing that s—. Have a good day.”

In a comment posted with the video, Paterno even claimed that “There’s actually a lot of us doing this but I’m the only one posting.” His video quickly went viral, with users on the platform noting the harm his actions could cause, including preventing people from access to medical deliveries. To this, Paterno replied that “medical supplies have priority no matter who you voted for.” At least he has the humanity to realize the dangers of not delivering medical supplies.

After the clip garnered more than 80,000 views, users predicted Paterno would lose his job. “You about to lose your job 😂😂😂,” the top-liked comment read. According to TooFab, which first reported the story, Paterno has since then deleted his TikTok video but it is available on other sites including Reddit.

While some media outlets reported that Paterno was fired from the company, FedEx did not confirm whether he quit or was fired. A spokesperson from the company said officials were “appalled by the behavior depicted in this video, which does not reflect the views of FedEx.” They added: “This individual is no longer providing service on behalf of the company.”

In a separate video, Paterno claimed he quit and that the original video was from his last day on the job. “I didn’t know I could get fired when I didn’t work there anymore,” he said, referring to the reports. He called reports that he was fired after the video went viral “fake news.”

Whether or not Paterno was fired or quit isn’t as important as the claims he made. Paterno alleged that he was not the only one who was refusing to deliver packages to specific homes due to their political and humanitarian views. Even though Paterno provided no evidence, FedEx needs to investigate whether or not what Paterno said is true.

As one social media user noted, “You don’t have the right to not do your job because you disagree with someone else’s beliefs.” 

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