December 1, 2021

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Matthew – Stafford restricted to participate in Wednesday training
Before Wednesday, the Lion Dynasty, Jim Caldwell, said in the press conference, four-point guards Matthew Stafford “Not Opened.” Stafford was injured in the right hand on the competition of the crow last Sunday.

In the official injury report, Stafford was listed as a restricted training. According to the Detroit Media, Stafford did not try to pass, but tried to treat the ball with his left hand.

Stafford’s injury will be the focus of Lion Lions this week, and the game opponent pirate will pay attention. Dirk Koetter, said that Stafford’s recovery will affect its own arrangement for Cheap NFL Jerseys free shipping the team.

The pirate defensive group has no satisfactory restrictions on the four-point guard this year, and Cheap Jerseys the foundation of the alliance is the bottom. However, the opposite protection is not good, Stafford has been killed 39 this year, and seven offensive front line members have been placed in the list of lions.