Different Types of Call Centres in India

call centre in india

Among the increasing number of companies outsourcing their operations to India, call centres have become the single largest source. The 24*7 working hours, the trained professionals, the low costs that come from no infrastructure costs, and the low labor costs are major attractions. 

Hiring an Indian call centre that is tailored to your business needs can boost your sales and profits as well as increase your cross-sells and up-sells. Your merchant will provide you with leads as well as appointments after filtering through the leads.

Before you decide to outsource call centre services, it is important that you understand the types of call centres and which one will best suit your business. 

But first, let’s understand what call centre service is!

What is a Call Centre Service?

In a call centre, customers or potential customers are transferred to a department that handles inbound and outbound calls. Call centres are located either within a company or outsourced to a company with expertise in handling calls. 

The call centre industry is at the forefront of this new paradigm. It may seem counterintuitive at first, but outsourcing customer service to a call centre customer support firm is an affordable and effective way to boost customer engagement and retention.

An organization’s call centre is a function that fields incoming and outgoing customer phone calls and maintains records on open cases and transactions. Its representatives manage each call and keep track of open cases and transactions.

Types of Call Centre Services 

Outbound Call Centre Services 

Nowadays, outbound call centre services are pretty common in industries due to the perks it offers to businesses. In outbound call centre services, agents make the call to the target customers to promote or sell products and services, taking customer feedback, making follow-up calls, etc. Outbound calling is also widely known as cold calling services. 

Inbound Call Centre Services 

In this type of service, the call centre receives the call from the already existing or potential customer. The purpose of inbound call centre services is to majorly respond to customer queries and help them with their concerns like grievance handling, appointment scheduling, technical support, emergency response, etc. 

Non-Voice Process

The backend implies back-office processes. Since the workforce works in the background, they do not deal directly with potential clients or customers as they do with voice interactions. Instead, they reach out to them through emails or other online channels. 

The job entails using computer applications and software to process payroll or to analyze data. Additionally, one who knows how to use software creates reports, generates spreadsheets to track daily sales, and makes data entry using software, such as MS Word or MS Excel. 

Web-enabled services

Typically, a web-enabled product can be accessed through a web browser or can synchronize data with other Web-based applications. It may be accessed through a web browser or may be able to connect to other Web-based applications.

Automated Call Centres 

The convenience of IVR and live agent availability are combined in automated call routing services. The option for callers to leave a message or speak with a customer service representative is available to you regardless of the size of your business. Another major benefit of outsourcing automated call centres is that it streamlines your business needs and lowers outsourcing costs. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Call Centres to India 

The benefits that Call Centres offer to businesses are uncountable. But if you still wish to know what all benefits call centres have to offer to the businesses, here is everything you need to know. 

Round-the-clock support- It makes perfect sense to outsource your call-centre operations if you have operations in and customers in time zones other than your own. With a twelve-hour time difference, India is the perfect call centre outsourcing destination. They offer full after-hours support.

Highly skilled team- A unique strength of Indian call centre outsourcing is its highly educated, multilingual workforce that is fluent in English.

Pricing flexibility- The cost of labor in India can be substantially reduced because the country has a large pool of highly-skilled labor available at an affordable price. There are flexible pricing options in India that can help you better manage your company’s budget.

Brings down the operational costs- In-house call centres require considerable investments in infrastructure, equipment, facilities, overheads, personnel, etc. However, outsourcing call centre services to India can reduce your total operating costs by a considerable percentage.

So wait no more and outsource Call Centre in India today. You will be surprised by the benefits it will offer to your business.


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