October 23, 2021

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Damn, now they’re vaccinating our PRODUCE?

Uhhhh, if 56% have been vaccinated, it means that 44% have not been vaccinated. So …


That #FilmYourHospital tag is creepy as hell. 


They are vaccinating our CORN.  


COVID-19 is a HOAX. 

Also ….


I wish I could follow the logic here, that the government is killing people with the vaccine, the same vaccine that has a microchip to track people via 5G. If the vaccine is there to kill people, why would the government install tracking chips? 

If the government wanted to track people, why not buy that tracking information from Facebook? 

Please make it make sense!


Aside from the weird comparison between a life-saving drug and a pastry, we know what the ingredients of the vaccine are. Sheesh. 


I’d happily inject that middle finger with vaccine. 


Cue ominous music. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:


That’s a lot of people that need to go fuck themselves for asking people to take a life-saving vaccine. 


Just the flu. 

Now remember, they love to tell us how the flu kills so many people every year, so why should we care about COVID. Yet actions like these prove that they don’t actually believe that. They don’t think “shit, the flu is putting me at risk of death.” They actually equate the flu with the common cold, a mild and temporary inconvenience. 

So why not post crying memes about how miserable they feel about “the flu,” while continuing to post “fuck yous” to everyone promoting vaccination? 

Just the flu. Relax everyo—


HOLY SHIT, what? 

Two weeks. Two weeks from “my whole body hurts like crazy” to death.

And why? Because the vaccine is not like a cupcake? Because Howard Stern said something? Because they’re vaccinating corn? Because QAnon “math” pretends that 44% of non-vaxxed in California is a majority? (By the way, that California number is now 58.5% fully vaccinated, and 71.3% with at least one shot, and that number will skyrocket once the kid vaccine is approved). 

Desire didn’t have to die. That’s why we’re begging everyone to vaccinate. But this insidious disinformation campaign will continue to drag out the misery—misery for everyone, but especially for those who stubbornly insist on doing the dying. 

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