Check Out The Stunning Images From This Year’s Ocean Photography Awards


A stunning image of the endangered green turtle surrounded by in Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia has bagged the top spot in this year’s Ocean Photographer Of The Year Completion. Taken by Aimee Jan, a tour guide and photographer from Australia, victory meant she received over $3500 in prize money.

Part of the Ocean Photography awards and organized by Oceanographic Magazine, awarded in eight different categories, the competition aims to highlight the wonders of the blue planet, while also highlighting the many environmental problems threatening the world’s oceans.

Other categories in the award include Ocean Conservation Photographer of the Year, Ocean Adventure Photographer of the Year, Collective Portfolio award, Young Ocean Photographer of the Year, the Community Choice Award, Ocean Exploration Photographer of the Year.

For this year, a new category, Female Fifty Fathoms Award, aimed to celebrate inspirational women in ocean photography was included.

An image of a gannet dive-bombing the sea for mackerel off the coast of Shetland Islands in the U.K was awarded the second place.

Credit: Henley Spiers/ Ocean Photographer of the Year

A Hawksbill turtle hatchling, heading to the sea for the first time in Papua New Guinea bagged the third place.

Credit: Matty Smith/Ocean Photographer of the Year

A stunning photo of surfer Jack Robinson riding the break “The Right” in Western Australian bagged the Community Choice Award.

Credit: Phil de Glanville/Ocean Photographer of the Year

A few images, despite not winning were praised for showcasing the threats faced by the world’s marine life. A few examples:

An image of lizardfish trying to eat a cigarette.


Credit: Steven Kovacs/Ocean Photographer of the Year

A seahorse dragging a facemask tangled in its tail.


Credit: Nicholas Samarans/Ocean Photographer Of The Year

Cover Photo: Aimee Jan/Ocean Photographer of the Year

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