December 6, 2021

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Butter Chicken Golgappe Is A Thing Now. Internet Foodies Call It An Insult To Both Butter Chicken And Golgappe!


There is a saying that goes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But guess the makers of these unbelievable food inventions never got the memo because like kulhad pizza was not enough, we have something called butter chicken golgappe. And hell has broken loose on Twitter where foodies have united to rant and rage about the unnecessary invention that is the dish. First of all, it is puchka and not golgappe and secondly if you’re calling it golgappe at least don’t fill it with butter chicken!

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That’s right; in addition to weird food trends somebody added ‘rich and creamy’ chunky pieces of chicken to their pani puri and purists can’t even stomach the sight of it. ‘Sh1t no one needs in life,’ said a Twitter user and I concur.

Not just me, many like-minded Twitter users are up against the wall, calling the dish what it is – an insult to butter chicken and golgappe. See for yourself.

Well, it is what it is…and it is not Maggi milkshake at least? That horrendous, horrible Maggi milkshake. YIKES!

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