November 30, 2021

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AT&T reeling, but still pro-hoax; Obama singles out Ciattarelli


The crowds at the post-election ‘Stop the Steal’ rallies demanding the election be overturned were extremely shouty about what their goals and demands were, so if you attended one and still couldn’t figure it out that’s probably on you, buddy.

In the news today: Barack Obama went on a candidate-boosting tour this weekend, and his words for New Jersey Republican Jack Ciattarelli, who is attempting to unseat Gov. Phil Murphy, were especially pointed. (Ciattarelli attended a post-election rally last November premised on overturning the results of the presidential election on Donald Trump’s behalf, labeled “Stop the Steal,” but is now claiming he didn’t know why he was there or what the theme of the rally was. Mmm-hmm.)

Elsewhere, AT&T is still reeling after revelations of just how much support the company has given pro-sedition propaganda and hoax network OAN—but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to do the obviously moral thing. And IRS reforms are sorely needed, still, but as usual they’re being battled by companies that make big money from keeping the current absurdities in place.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:


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