Aleksander Emelianenko (“The Grim Reaper”)


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Emelianenko is instantly recognizable within the ring for the big symbolic tattoos criss-crossing his body, together with the massive Grim Reaper on his back from which his nickname derives. Some of the tattoos symbolize time he spent in Russian prison for robbery, while others characterize his redemption within the eyes of God.

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Steroid use in Russia for athletes has been happening since the Chilly Struggle’s early beginnings within the 1950’s, as they tried desperately to beat “The West” in sports. Plus, to compete in such a tough sport as mixed martial arts would require you to take performance enhancers to keep up together with your friends. Right here is what he might have taken again within the 2000’s when he was at his greatest and strongest.

Tattoo guess

The 2 fighters have a creepy guess riding on the end result. If Paul loses, he has to get “I like Tyron Woodley” tattooed on him someplace, and if Woodley loses, he has to get “I like Jake Paul” as a tattoo. (Each fighters are already tattooed, so yet one more won’t exactly be a novel concept.)