Addiction therapy: where to start?

Addiction therapy

It is said that behind every addiction there is a deeper, deeply rooted problem. Weakness, complexes, traumatic experiences – whatever determined the addict’s life, made him reach a place from which it was impossible to get out on his own. Addiction therapy is a helping hand to anyone who needs support.

The most difficult first step – one would like to say. Because the key to success is making the first, most important decision – “I want to heal myself, I want to stop with it, I want to end it once and for all”. Where can you find strength in yourself? How Can I Deal With Weak “Willpower”? Finally – how to help someone who obviously needs this help, but rejects a helping hand?

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1. Addiction therapy: what is it about?

Drugs, alcohol, drugs, designer drugs – this is where every addict can name what has become his greatest curse. However, no matter what our addiction is, the mechanism of action is the same. The only way to successfully break the addiction is to undertake comprehensive treatment. It can only begin when the addict stands up to the truth with himself. “Who wants to find a way, and who doesn’t want to find a reason” – in addiction therapy, every “reason” or excuse is the first step to return to destructive, destructive behavior as soon as the moment of hesitation comes.

Addiction therapy is based primarily on conversation. And this is to make the patient aware of the source of his problem. Only in this way is it possible to find a way out of the stalemate. When talking to a therapist, it is important both what happened in childhood and what happened in adulthood. It is important that this conversation is supposed to motivate you to change and force you to reflect on your own life. But one that will make the patient want to make sense again.

Of course, comprehensive addiction therapy must be based on total abstinence, preventive health care and relapse therapy. Thanks to this approach, the patient can develop the ability to deal with all important spheres of life: emotional and spiritual life, relationships with people and health.

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2. Where to start treatment of addiction?

At the beginning of any addiction therapy, there is a decision that, despite the difficulties, the addict wants to quit the addiction. In such a situation, it is very important to support people who are close to him. However, life writes various scenarios – sometimes we remain alone in our fight, other times there is a group of people who care about us, but we cannot appreciate it.