A Guide to Choosing Digital Two Way Radios


Digital two way radios help build a reliable communications network in a company, irrespective of its size or domain. Today, the supply chain has become quicker and demands more efficiency. So, communication is naturally the core of a successful workflow. Digital two way radios provide greater capacity and coverage and, thus, are the ideal option for enterprises wishing to become more efficient and productive. Today, you can also hire a digital two way radio before buying one. Thus, it gives you the option to try the equipment before finalizing. It also proves to be relatively cost-effective. Below are various points to consider while purchasing digital two way radios. 

Make the Decision between UHF and VHF

UHF and VHF are two distinct radio signals. Businesses need to avoid any signal loss when transferring or getting voice calls. If your employees struggle to understand messages coming in through a radio, they can misinterpret crucial things significantly. During emergencies, avoiding downtime becomes quite essential. The transmission of crisp instructions makes the significant difference between a situation ending nicely or in a disaster. 

One of the crucial parts to consider when minimizing the risk of disturbance over the radio network is the frequency to select to operate over. Here are the two frequency signals out of which you must make a decision.

  • UHF signal operates at a more significant end of the frequency range. So, they can easily pass through obstacles. If your workers are usually somewhere with hurdles, you must choose UHF. 
  • VHF signal – These signals operate at the lesser end of the frequency range. They cannot pass through structures but have a longer wavelength. So, they can travel over large distances. Choose it if your employees work in large open spaces.

Choose Between a Licensed and Unlicensed Network for Your Two Way Radios

Your decision to go ahead with a licensed or unlicensed radio system relies on the unique needs of your business. It includes the size of the place your company requires to cover or the importance of secure communication for your business.

  • Licensed two way radios – Purchasing a radio license implies that your company has access to a greater number of frequencies than unlicensed radios. A licensed radio is a good option if your staff members regularly share sensitive information over a radio. It also means that your radio will cover a greater distance.
  • Unlicensed two way radios – These radios work on PMR446 frequencies. It implies that there’s no control over who’s using them at a particular point. These are in demand in the hospitality and retail sectors. 

Make the Decision between Buying or Hiring the Two Way Radio

One of the main reasons many companies stick with what they have when the question of communication arises is the concern of a huge capital outlay on new hardware. However, many suppliers of these radios provide flexible options like hiring the devices instead of buying them. You can hire radio equipment for short or long contracts. If you need communication for a short time, like an event, you can hire two way radios. In contrast, buying the radio makes much more sense if you have more communication needs. So, decide which option suits you.

Look for Additional Features

Some great radios provide you with many different features that make the whole communication seamless. So, look for a digital two way radio that has an ultra-rugged military-rated design that ensures reliable smart communication. Such radio also has management applications that enhance business efficiency. Another great feature is the one-touch push-to-talk. It, along with the power remote speaker microphones, work without needing additional batteries. It makes way for speedy communication. 

Keep these features in mind whenever you are looking for digital two way radios for your organization. The right one will undoubtedly make your communication more seamless and reliable.