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Ram coach: wholesale jerseys online Case-Karnam will still serve as the first quarter
In Monday Night, the new Los Angeles ram leads to highlights & mdash; & mdash; defensive front lines and running guards & mdash; & mdash; all being smashed, but the four-defense position after the game is still the most attention.

In addition to occasionally flashing, even if this year’s champion, cheap nfl jerseys from china the four-point guard, Jarid Goff, can enter the list, the coach Jeff Fisher is not seriously considered in the game. The first quartz-Kienham Case Keenum.

“I have considered this. I just want Case to complete the game … If Jarid is the quad-saving, I will do this,” Fisher said after the game. “I will let Case completed the game. His performance did not change anything for the four-defense position.”

When asked if Kenham is still the first quarter-break, wholesale Seattle Seahawks jerseys from china Fisher said: “It is true. I will adjust, but I think he will continue the first.”

The ram offense in this game is in a vicious circle. Their offensive program basically allows the running guards in the first two stars and returned, forcing Kinarm to face the defensive pass against the three-stage anti-transmission in the third gear. For the opponent defensive coordinator, there is no better defense than this.

Although we don’t think that Goll Bikarham is better, when a ram is starting to consider the test to reach Kenam’s test to another player. Kynimham passed the 35th pass in this game, cheap jerseys 17 success 2 times passed the call to be copied. The average of the ram is less than 4 yards per pass.

In the draft, a large number of resource deals is given to the championship. The four-dimensional movement indicates that they have improved their progress and become a quarter-winning competitor. It is possible, but this quartz guard will change the fate of the team.