4 Benefits of Videos in Your Recruitment Process You Shouldn’t Ignore


Advertising your open positions will only get you so far in attracting the best talent. In an era of historically low unemployment, you must demonstrate how your company differs from the competition — not in isolation but in comparison to the other companies vying for the same top talent.

As a recruiter, you should go above and beyond just an ordinary job listing on a job board. The ‘video for recruitment’ process is one way to get the best people on board. Here’s why.

Videos welcome candidates into your company culture

One of the most influential factors that applicants are aware of during the recruitment process is knowing the company’s culture. Applicants don’t actually want to work for a company if they do not believe in its culture.

It’s human nature to seek a sense of belonging, and this yearning does not disappear when people go to work. A strong culture displayed in recruitment videos is a foundation for fostering an inclusive, friendly, and productive workplace.

As any recruiter will tell you, a positive company culture increases employee engagement and success. It also gives your company a competitive advantage in attracting and hiring talent.

Videos are shareable

Many organisations have realised that the traditional approach to recruitment is no longer adequate.

Like other businesses, you should also capitalise on the growing popularity of online and mobile technologies, and this is where recruiting videos can come in handy.

The ‘video for recruitment’ process is preferred over other types of content (text/images) and is more frequently shared! According to studies, video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.

Because of social networking sites and mobile usage, a well-made video can quickly reach thousands of people. In other words, by including videos in your job postings, you can reach a much larger audience, which would be impossible when done by conventional means.

Videos increase job post engagement

Visual displays tend to be more memorable and engaging by default. While two minutes is sufficient time to instill simple and fundamental thoughts and concepts in the minds of your audience, other, far more complicated subjects are much more difficult to explain.

But, using videos lets you fit a lot more information into a shorter amount of time. For example, videos allow you to detail the necessary skills and experience, job responsibilities, and pay packages.

So, when you include videos in your job description pages, you are setting a screen in which you will keep candidates interested for a longer period.

It will save everyone time without you having to use up all of your latent capacity to explain and the applicant’s ability to convey the information.

Videos are millennial and Gen-Z friendly

You’ve already fallen behind the competition if poaching the best candidates from the talent pool isn’t part of your recruiting strategy. Video content effectively attracts young talent and provides a high-tech recruiting experience.

If your firm is looking to hire millennials or Generation Z, including a corporate video in your open job postings will assist you in meeting their expectations for a non-traditional job description. So, to recruit the best for the future, it will inevitably be necessary to abandon traditional recruitment methods in favor of more trendy and efficient ones.

Indeed, videos are an important tool that all businesses and marketers should use as a primary component of their overall marketing processes. If you’re looking to hire the best one, you should go above and beyond with a recruitment video production that is as professional as your company.