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Detroit Lion Twitter Remembling Player Birthday

In the current social networking website technology, we are hard to miss the birthday reminder of your good friends, cheap nfl jerseys from china but the Detroit lion can make a mistake.

Last Sunday, the official of the lion sent a tweet, blessing the team’s line of Kyle Van Noy. Happy birthday.

This is done every team, cheap jerseys for sale but they made a mistake this time, cheap jerseys Kyle’s birthday was March 26. Kyle had to write to the twice: “Thanks for blessing, my birthday is on March 26th, it is just the taxation day, so it is easy to be forgotten.”

Didn’t you have a message in Kay: “Is I whispered to my birthday for the homepage? Especially this birthday wrote a lot of time on the paper. Haha”

The ultimate lion twice replied: “Sorry, Kieier, I wish you a happy day!”