November 27, 2021

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2022 is approaching, what are the challenges for entrepreneurial leadership?


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A few weeks after the end of the year, we begin to plan activities, budgets, and everything that our companies need for 2022. This exercise is very relevant in a venture, because it allows us to see where we are, what are the new objectives that we seek to achieve and in what we must strengthen ourselves to face the new challenges of a future where normality practically already has another meaning.

For companies, this year has been a time of transformation and adaptation. Due to the health emergency, organizations have had to implement new technologies in record time to continue operating , different work modalities have emerged and there has been a greater need to develop digital skills.

All this has led leaders to live a period where challenges have been constant and this will continue in the short and medium term, since it is estimated that, during the next three years, company directors will still be undergoing a rapid transformation in their organizations. This leads us to prepare ourselves to face the challenges of 2022 and as entrepreneurs it is important to know the changes that have taken place and the possible alternatives to overcome them:

Human talent and technology

According to the DDI consulting firm, the main challenges worldwide for the following year, according to the CEOs, will clearly focus on talent, since identifying and developing human capital will be a priority for company leaders. That is why the use of new technologies applied to attract talent, as well as tools based on artificial intelligence implemented in the selection processes, have become very relevant, as these are and will be of great help to detect the best candidates for a position. Likewise, it must be taken into account that there is currently a new demand for skills in employees; According to the Global Talent 2021 survey carried out by Oxford Economics, the most requested skills will be digital (in particular the ability to telecommute and manage digital businesses). So the fundamental challenge is for entrepreneurs to take this scenario into account in the strategies they seek to implement.

Integration in hybrid teams

The pandemic changed the way we interact at work, making hybrid models and the home office a feasible reality for many. According to a Microsoft report, 81% of workers want flexible remote work options to be maintained, while 75% want more in-person time with their team after the pandemic. This shows us that, without a doubt, the hybrid model is something that will remain in the new normal and at the leadership level it represents a great challenge, especially in the sense of being able to manage and integrate teams effectively, regardless of whether the members are physically present. or connected from anywhere. A great alternative to work on this is to promote work autonomy, since this allows building independent teams that favor face-to-face and remote work.

Changes in organizational culture

With the implementation of different work models, the constant appearance of new technologies, and constant changes in the way we interact, the work environment has changed. This represents a challenge for leaders, who must take care that the company’s work environment is balanced and flexible; In general, the well-being of employees is sought on an emotional and professional level. According to a study carried out by the Universities of Berkeley and Stanford, to identify patterns of cultural change due to the pandemic, the five elements in which the organizations placed the greatest emphasis were flexibility, transparency, solidarity, decision and conflict confrontation.

Mental health care

Leadership involves many responsibilities and in the face of increased stress due to the pandemic, promoting care for the emotional and mental health of the work team has become essential. Industry data indicates that 6 out of 10 microentrepreneurs and SME owners suffer from stress ; Therefore, entrepreneurs must work on this aspect and give it the importance it requires, since it is believed that work stress will be the most diagnosed disease in the coming years.

During 2022 it will be essential to manage human capital in a different way, manage hybrid teams, have more strategic organizational cultures and take care of mental health in employees; undoubtedly these trends represent an opportunity to reinvent and be more competitive. In addition, we must not forget that one of the main characteristics of entrepreneurial leadership is its ability to adapt to the environment, let’s enjoy the path and the challenges that next year will bring.


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